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Question 1/9

1. What term do you use for "events" and which 2 terms do you think are the most appropriate? Please select 2.

Question 2/9

2. Have you ever realized an event for your company or your brand?

Question 3/9

3. What were the reasons in the past for NOT integrating brand experiences into marketing activities? Please check all applicable answers:

Question 4/9

4. In your opinion, how will the significance of the following communication channels change in next last 3–5 years? Please rate your assessment on a scale.

Question 5/9

5. How relevant do you find the topic „ Interweaving of offline brand experiences and integrated, digital extension via mobile, social, web, POS, PR and Influencer”? Please rate your assessment on a scale. 1 means "not at all relevant" and 6 means "extremely relevant".

Question 6/9

6. How would you rate your knowledge of integrated brand experiences/events? Please rate on a scale of 1-6. 1 means “very bad” and 6 means “very good”.

Question 7/9

7. In addition to the previous point: What would be a relevant question for you, which you itch to find out about in connection with brand experiences?

Question 8/9

8. What do you think: which marketing funnel challenges can be solved with brand experiences?

Question 9/9

9. At the conclusion of this survey we would like to collect some socio-demographic data about your company and your position.

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Thank you. Your feedback helps us to implement “brand experiences” even more efficiently and effectively for you and your brand.

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Brand Test

Question 1/5

1. Do you have past experience with brand experiences/events? Please select the applicable answers below.

Question 2/5

2. Do you have a clear and current brand positioning/brand model? Please select the applicable answers below.

Question 3/5

3. Which of the marketing challenges best suits your current business situation? Please select the applicable answers below. Maximum 2 answers are possible.

Question 4/5

4. How do you assess your current social media situation? Please select the applicable answers below.

Question 5/5

5. How much budget would you have available for:

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Our Mission

Re-discover brand experiences.

Experience the potential of our “Mission Brand Experience” for yourself and your brand. Profit from 20 years of concentrated expert knowledge with our 5 theses on the future of brand experiences (expert paper EAST END Xperience Xpertise). Share your point of view in an interesting survey on the topic “status, potential and implications of brand events”, check how fit your brand is for experience or let us advise you. Have fun with the discovery.

Das Managementteam von EAST END - bestehend aus Oliver Golz , Christiane Wiemann, Marc Matern und Nicole Martens.

Expert paper EAST END Xperience Xpertise


The more digital life is, the more important a brand experience.

20 years of experience and success are reason enough for a retrospective – but that is not really us. We are always looking forward. That is why we have put our 20 years of hands on experience and some 3,500 implemented projects – our comprehensive know-how – into 5 theses. We demonstrate the present and future of brand experiences. Let inspiring cases show you how brand experiences satisfy the hunger for content. How they can be dynamically extended into digital space and thus break down their local limitations. Recognize the potential to reach new audiences and generate new revenue streams for brands. With 100% measurable success. Download 20 years of concentrated expertise now with “Xperience Xpertise”!

Die EAST END Xperience Xpertise umfasst 5 Thesen, mit denen Ihnen sicher jedes Event gelingen wird.

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30 minutes of free advice. Completely free, with no obligation and no pressure. Take advantage of the opportunity to “brain pick” with our experts. Find out how we can embed brand experiences in your brand strategy 100% and link them accordingly to all your communication channels.
Discover previously unseen potential to make your brand more of an experience, more emotionally tangible and give it sustainable relevance for target groups. Our experts look forward to your questions, challenges and to getting to know you. Simply register now and secure your appointment slot.

Oliver Golz ist Gründer und Managing Director von EAST END.
Oliver Golz

Founder & Managing Director

Christiane Wiemann ist bei EAST END Director Strategy & Innovation.
Christiane Wiemann

Director Strategy & Innovation

Creative Director bei EAST END - Axel Müller.
Axel Müller


Brand Experience Check

Nehmen Sie hier unverbindlich an unserem Marken-Test teil und sehen Sie, wie Erlebnis-fit Ihre Marke ist.

How fit is your brand for experience?

Beginner, competent performer or full professional – Find out now with only 5 questions how fit you are in the field of brand experiences and how you can get the most out of your brand and your communication occasions in the future. Our test will help you to discover unused opportunities and to identify potential that will enable you to implement future events more emotionally and efficiently. Find out!


Curiosity makes you curious.

And we always want to know. From you, and how you see brand experiences developing.
Because even through events and brand experiences are now an integral part of the marketing mix, we see a lot of uncertainty and get a lot of questions. Are we talking about events, live communication or live marketing? What is feasible and what is not? What about success measurement and the right KPIs? By participating in the survey on the topic „Status, Potential and Implications of Brand Events“ you help us to create clarity. 9 brief questions, 9 quick answers, in under 5 minutes – take part and with a bit of luck, win a half day EAST END brand experience workshop.

Nehmen Sie hier an unserer Umfrage teil und helfen Sie dabei, Markenerlebnisse klarer zu definieren.

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