East End Claim

What we believe in

We are convinced that successful brand communication lies more than ever in a personal brand experience that offers a real communication opportunity and therefore has impact far beyond the moment.

We believe that direct experience creates true emotions and proximity and gives rise to communication opportunities – because unique moments inspire people, are talked about and shared.

We are sure that by prolonging the moments, emotions are intensified and the brands are anchored in people’s hearts and minds – and that this is the only way to increase their relevance long term.


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How we proceed

With innovative brand experiences, we create opportunities for communication and prolong the impact of the moment far beyond the experienced instant using specially developed tools and media services.

We implement these individual communication tools in all phases of an event – before, during and after. That way your messages continue to be distributed long term, are linked perfectly to all other communication measures and your participants’ emotions are intensified.

In this manner we prolong the duration of communication, increase the scope and generate a significant benefit through the reuse of real and emotional event content.

Our claim is creating brand experiences that have impact far beyond the moment. There, where they have the strongest intensity – close to people.

Want to know more?

Oliver Golz
Managing Director
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