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16.08.21 | Stores and Shops

Why is the Corona pandemic a good time to open pop-up spaces, and what is important about temporary retail spaces?

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09.08.21 | e-commerce-magazin

Christiane Wiemann from East End explains how to use pop-up stores to emotionalize your marketing and better understand target groups.

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04.08.21 | diy

Christiane Wiemann from the event agency EAST END explains how to attract customers through pop-up stores

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03.08.21 | new business

EAST END secures the framework agreement with Lenovo in a multi-stage pitch.

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03.08.21 | MEEDIA

EAST END secures the event budget of the technology group Lenovo with a multi-year framework agreement. In the future, it is to realize all live, hybrid and digital events.

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03.08.21 | Horizont.net

EAST END has now prevailed in a multi-stage pitch at computer manufacturer Lenovo and is to implement all of the client’s live, digital and hybrid events

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14.07.21 | Startup Valley .news

Christiane Wiemann explains why startups in particular can benefit from the “pop-up store” brand experience format.

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31.05.21 | HORIZONT

Christiane Wiemann clears up prejudices about stationary special sales areas at HORIZONT Online and explains six things that many people didn’t know about pop-up stores.

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27.04.21 | w&v

EAST END deals in a new whitepaper with basic questions about pop-ups and shows the versatility of temporary presences.

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27.04.21 | Blach Report

EAST END publishes Whitepaper about Pop-up 3.0 – Space for Brand Experience, Sales and Stories

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