Live recruiting transforms the application
process into a personal experience

Best Case: In 2024, EAST END continued its successful live recruiting formula, creating an impressive booth experience for cosnova at the OMR Festival

According to the CareerArc Future of Recruiting Study, traditional job boards have lost effectiveness compared to social media. The job market remains a candidate’s market, even this year. Although digital recruiting via social media is trending, there is still a need for an analog counterpart that stands out from the virtual information overload: live recruiting.

The personal initial contact can be particularly emotional and innovative at trade shows, ensuring companies remain effectively memorable to potential candidates. This proactive approach transforms the typically distant application process into a personal experience.

Our Top 5 Reasons for Live Recruiting:

  • Personal initial contact: Provides the opportunity to meet candidates directly and personally, leaving a lasting impression.


  • Emotional Experience: Creates an innovative and emotional atmosphere that sparks the interest and enthusiasm of applicants.


  • Effective candidate selection: Allows for quick and targeted assessment of candidates through direct interactions and conversations.


  • Strengthening brand presence: Highlights the company through creative and appealing trade show booths, enhancing the employer brand.


  • Direct feedback: Offers immediate feedback and answers to candidates’ questions, making the recruitment process more efficient and transparent.


As a best practice example, cosnova’s innovative booth design offered a variety of tech-inspired touchpoints for a broad audience: With choreographed screens and a welcoming seating area, attendees could participate in mini-masterclasses, experience a meet & greet with an AI-generated influencer, or as a highlight, take part in a live face-to-face call with the cosnova head office.

More details on the cosnova case: click here

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