east end „Sees the Whole Picture“ for the
60th Anniversary of Olympus Winter & lbe

Using the slogan „Seeing the Whole Picture – 60 Years Olympus Winter & Ibe“, east end communications designed and realized an open house on 28 June 2014 with approx. 2,500 guests. Every employee was able to show their workplace to family, friends and acquaintances and give them a look behind the scenes of production and development areas. The Hamburg Winter & Ibe GmbH is the headquarters of the European corporate group Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe and is engaged in the manufacture and development of medical technical products.

Since Olympus Winter & lbe has determinably used optics and a view for the significant from its foundation in 1954, the Hamburg agency for live communication created a successful vision for the company’s 60th anniversary „Seeing the Whole Picture – 60 Years Olympus Winter & Ibe“. The concept unites a retrospective to further develop tradition, a perspective to create contemporary and a vision to achieve peak performance also in the future.

The event motto “Seeing the Whole Picture” was taken up with a folding telescope which was handed out to the guests upon accreditation. This enabled visitors to take a detailed look at all areas of the high technology specialist and participate in a contest to solve an anagram.

For the day of the open house, the company’s grounds in Hamburg were divided up into the past, present and future of Olympus Winter & lbe. The first “retrospective” area allowed visitors to familiarize themselves with the tradition-rich 60 years of company history. In the second area, “perspective”, visitors could interactively experience the production and research facilities. In the “vision” area, the company’s innovative products were attractively presented.

“We liked the strategically thought-through concept from the very beginning and that was the ultimate determining factor for contracting east end. The company anniversary was a huge success for us. It was obvious that our employees and their guests enjoyed themselves.” Dr. André Roggan, Managing Director of Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe

„The greatest challenge posed by this event was in linking content and space for the fascinating and very entertaining attractions positioned throughout the private company grounds of Olympus Winter & lbe. Each and every highlight was marveled at and tested by numerous guests so that our event concept was a huge success”, says a pleased Oliver Golz, owner and managing partner of east end communications.

The assignment was preceded by a pitch which was won by east end communications.


About Olympus Winter & Ibe
Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH is headquarters of the Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe Group under which the Japanese Olympus corporation bundles its competence in the areas of minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy, endoscopes, bipolar radio frequency induced surgery, systems integration in the operating room (ENDOALPHA) and instrument reconditioning.

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