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The Impact of Holistic Brand Experiences on Brand Communication

Tips for strategic positioning of Experiences and EAST END Best Cases

In our experience, the right setup of consulting, strategy, creation & technology and operative know-how is necessary for the holistic effect and sustainable success of Experiences.

As experience experts, we always aim to take people on an interdisciplinary customer experience journey in physical or digital space. The following 5 tips are the basis for this.

5 tips for strategic positioning of brand experienc


  1. Understand brand experiences as an integral part of brand communication                                                          Brand communication is still too often limited to classic and digital channels. However, nowadays this is no longer enough to build sustainable customer loyalty. Holistic brand experiences as an important component in the marketing mix are a success factor in building a strong emotional bond between consumers and the brand.
  2. Staging experiences in an integrated and seamless way        The brand experience should be viewed in its entirety not just as an isolated individual contact. It is important to strongly connect all interaction points of the brand experience cross-media, reach and engagement. Choosing the right channels is essential to create a seamless and holistic experience.
  3. Guiding the target group along a customer experience journey                                                                        The highest brand experience goal is a loyal customer who personally identifies with the brand and product (service). To achieve this goal, a smooth and coordinated customer experience journey is required that guides (potential) customers through a personal experience at the relevant touchpoints.
  4. Increase reach & engagement through content diversification  Expanding communication channels for brand experiences and using different content formats increases the reach of messages. It is essential to take current trends into account in order to attract the attention of the target group in the best possible way.
  5. Develop suitable partner and revenue models                Strategic partners complement Experiences and deliver not only suitable content and added value, but also an excellent additsource of revenue. Cooperation models should be developed individually depending on the goal in order to make the right value propositions to the partners – and thus enable the greatest possible benefit for both sides.


EAST END has already accompanied numerous strategic positioning of brand experiences – and is also continuously developing them further:


Süddeutsche Zeitung: For experience formats, such as the SZ Wirtschaftsgipfel, EAST END 2022 has advanced the positioning together with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, expanded partner programs and relaunched the set design. Meanwhile, the concepts of the side events are being revised together with the aim of increasing desirability.

Condé Nast: EAST END developed a new revenue model for GLAMOUR, the GLAMOUR Beauty Festival. In several German cities, attention-grabbing events for the target group of the publisher and its customers took place for two days in a beauty temple with expert talks, interactive workshops and treatments from 25 beauty partners. EAST END developed the overall concept as well as the partner model.

Coty: For COTY, EAST END created a completely new training and education concept for sales staff in perfumeries in form of a two-hour interactive livestream format with a high entertainment and engagement factor. The concept is currently being advanced so that it can also be implemented as a live format.

Davidoff: After the strategic analysis of the marketing touchpoints, EAST END has laid the foundation for the development of a new holistic experience strategy with a strong focus on POS and brand experience. Together with the client, this is now being finalized and implemented for the DACH region.

More exciting cases on this topic:

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