east end presents Pop Up 2.0
Room for brands, sales and stories

The Pop-Up-Store – play of brands or actual sales tool? Small field-activities or sustainable communication tool? And what exactly are the latest trends in pop-up-culture, moreover in retail design, worldwide?

These and further questions is what the agency for live-communication east end communications, the communication-agency komm.passion, and the architecture office GRAFT are trying to answer in a series of lectures in two cities.

In the metropolises Berlin (on 6 November 2013 in InterContinental Berlin) and Munich (on 14 November 2013 in Daily Business Restaurant & Event location), three speakers will deliver insight into the phenomenon pop-up 2.0 in three brief speeches:

  • In his speech „Pop-up 2.0 – room for brand experience, sales and stories“, the managing direct of east end Oliver Golz, will deliver insight into status quo and development of the pop-up-culture, along with different objectives and worldwide best cases
  • „Pop-Up-Store – Is it more than a store? – It’s a story.“ – Prof. Dr. Alexander Güttler, CEO of the communication agency komm.passion, faces the question: “Is the pop-up-store a proper communication tool?”
  • Two of the three founders of Graft – Lars Krückeberg (in Berlin) and Wolfram Putz (in Düsseldorf) – share their “prospects for global trends in retail-design, as well as emotionalisation and dynamisation of urban space through pop-up-culture”

The series of lectures address entrepreneurs, decision maker and creators of marketing, who know, that the consumer is a complicated and over stimulated being, whose hidden desires and instincts are to be aroused, in order to not just make them opt for the limited shopping-experience, but even make them looking forward to it.


About komm.passion
Strategy, creation and handicraft excellence – this is the unity komm.passion stands for, already for twelve years. Effective opinion building is their daily motor – online as well as offline, externally as well as internally. In order to reach this aim, 80 experts work for komm.passion in clearly defined branches and disciplines. For project teams they combine their sound expertise wittingly: in communication processes, in change- and crises counselling, in launch-situations as well as in insolvency cases. This can also be applied to their design – in web 2.0, in moving-image, on the soundtrack or very classical in print.

The architecture office GRAFT was found by Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit and Gregor Hoheisel in Los Angeles, California, in 1998 as a label for architecture, urban development, design, music and „the pursuit of happiness“. Since 2001, the architects maintain a subsidiary in Berlin, followed by a second one in Peking in 2004. Totally, GRAFT employs about 100 staff on three continents. In the context of formal experimental architecture, GRAFT belongs to the internationally honoured scene.

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