Time for New Thinking: EAST END organizes
a symposium for EASY SOFTWARE AG

On 17 and 18 September 2014, east end communications carried out a symposium for EASY SOFTWARE AG, the market leader in enterprise content management (ECM). Over 500 customers, partners, potential buyers and employees visited the „EASY World 2014“ in Mülheim an der Ruhr and were informed about EASY SOFTWARE AG’s latest market and product developments. „Zum Goldenen Hirschen“, the agency supporting the company in its repositioning also cooperated as partner.

In the requirements provided to the agencies participating, the marketing department at EASY SOFTWARE AG specified that the symposium must be able to be repeated annually without the concept becoming worn down. It should also differentiate itself from earlier and comparable events. The theme should be the market and product developments in ECM, information exchange, EASY SOFTWARE AG’s production information as well as the announcement of the new strategic direction; all under the event motto „Time for New Thinking“.

The event concept for the „EASY World 2014“ was based on three supporting pillars: content, communication and celebration.

Under „content“, EASY SOFTWARE AG presented exciting expert lectures and keynotes. The area “communication” applied to communication breakouts and the evening event. Under the motto „celebration“, the evening event inspired the audience with a sensational appearance by Barbara Schöneberger and Band as well as the local comedian Frank Goosen and his program „Welcome to the Ruhr Area “.

„The special challenge in the realization lay not only in the coordination of 30 speakers and lectures. The timing was also close: We had only 1.5 short months for planning and realization“, admits east end Managing Director Oliver Golz. „Still, the result speaks for itself and our customer’s overall response was consistently positive. In the short time, we were able to convey to numerous guests what the company stands for and what customers, partners and especially employees can expect in the coming years.“


Established in 1990, EASY SOFTWARE AG has since been focusing on electronic document and data archiving, as well as document and content management. EASY SOFTWARE captures any type of bulk data, structuring and organizing document flow. It ensures revision-proof long-term archiving and holds contents and information ready enterprise-wide regardless of time and location. This eliminates the need for long searches, the result being no data loss and paper inundation in overflowing archive shelves.

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