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X-MAS Experience

AR-X-MAS Experience for ECE Marketplace - Germany & Austria

EAST END conceived and realized an emotional X-MAS Experience for ECE that captivates visitors and also generates leads.

Task & Goals

The main task of the AR-X-MAS Experience was to increase visitor interaction during the Christmas season in ECE Shopping Centers and make the overarching campaign “Where Christmas Surprises You” come to life. Specific goals were developed through a virtual co-creation workshop with center managers, including the implementation of individual tracking, integration of the internal lead generation system for newsletters, and connection to the internal voucher system. The overall objective was to provide visitors with emotional experiences in brick-and-mortar retail that cannot be replicated online.


Idea & Implementation

The AR-X-MAS Experience was designed as part of the Christmas campaign, which took place over four weeks in 25 ECE Centers (including 2 in Austria) during the Christmas season. Various attention-grabbing touchpoints in the centers allowed visitors to virtually open “Christmas doors” containing a QR code. Behind each door was a digital AR game linked to an attractive prize draw, which resulted in newsletter sign-ups. The integration of storytelling, gamification elements, and high-quality 3D elements created an engaging and appealing interaction that delighted visitors and was also extended online through various campaign elements.



The AR-X-MAS Experience proved to be a successful tool for activating the Christmas campaign for visitors and generating additional leads for the newsletter. The integration of gamification, attractive prize draws, and a strong visual identity significantly contributed to the positive response.

ECE Center
Germany & Austria
X-MAS Experience
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