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hungry guests
8 meter
pan of paella
distributed dishes with only one bottle of Fairy

Fairy Fiesta with 40.000 guests - Berlin

Fairy Washes Up After Germany’s Largest Paella.

Task & Goals
Achieving the product-oriented communication goal to make the high yield of the new Fairy formula a tangible experience.

Idea & Realization
Mediterranean Paella lovers in Villariba und Villabajo, battling with the huge dirty pans after resounding festivities and– in at least one case – saved by Fairy‘s cleaning capabilities. Over 20 years later, the makers of Fairy Ultra brought this fictional advertising story to life in Germany by issuing invitations to Germany‘s largest Paella festival in Berlin.

The event with around 40,000 guests took place in June at the Sony Center in Berlin under the patronage of TV chef Ralf Zacherl. The high yield of the new Fairy formula was brought to life by washing the 12,201 distributed dishes with only one bottle of Fairy. Television station RTL accompanied the event as official partner and supported the campaign with many of its own stars.

500 kilos of rice, 1,000 kilos of chicken, 1,030 kilos of vegetables and 50 liters of olive oil. 12,201 dishes washed under the supervision of a notary and a 8 meter wide pan. 40,000 enthusiastic guests. Countless media reports and derivations for sales.


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