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Hybrid advanced training event for a pharmaceutical company live connected at four locations

A training event focusing on patient care was interactively connected via real-time transmission over four cities and 2 days.

Task & Goals
In order to increase the number of participants and simplify access, the advanced training event on chronic inflammatory bowel disease (CED) for gastroenterological experts should be held as a hybrid event format at four locations simultaneously. Local CED experts were to be made available to all participants, thus ensuring an intensive exchange. The goal was to discuss the latest scientific findings locally, interactively and in a practice-oriented manner. EAST END was responsible for the hybrid event format, the networking concept, the technical implementation and the realization on site at all locations.

Idea & Implementation
Hamburg, D├╝sseldorf, Berlin and Munich were networked on two consecutive days of the event by means of live, real-time transmissions. This enabled around 400 gastroenterologists and surgeons as well as almost 100 medical staff to follow the scientific program with over 70 lecturing experts across all locations. The interactive and hybrid advanced training event with live lectures, including live moderation from the central studio in Berlin, invited the CED experts to an interesting mix of virtual and live dialogues. Eight small-group workshops additionally provided for an intensive exchange. Impressive presentations and expert discussions ensured a varied program for all participants.

An interactive digital platform with live stream was available for connecting the four locations, which transmitted the live presentation from the central studio and the specialist lectures. This not only enabled a cross-location knowledge transfer, but also invited the CED experts to an open and interactive dialogue.

Through the hybrid advanced training event, participants and experts were able to follow all the specialist lectures and exchange information on the latest scientific developments. This increased the reach and participant rate and built a bridge between live and digital. A hybrid event was the best solution to connect the guests with each other and guarantee them barrier-free access to the expert event.

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