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Offshore Windpark
Arcadis Ost 1

A Wonder of Wind and Water

Emotional opening ceremony of Arcadis Ost 1 – Europe’s most technologically advanced offshore wind farm near Rügen

Task & objectives

Conceptualization and execution of a multinational opening ceremony to mark the completion of the innovative offshore wind farm Arcadis Ost 1. The park, consisting of 27 wind turbines, was meticulously planned and constructed off the coast of Rügen over several years by our client Parkwind. The project utilized cutting-edge, revolutionary technologies, such as the floating installation of foundations and wind turbines through specialized installation vessels, along with environmentally friendly innovations, making the project an advanced masterpiece. The challenge was to make this impressive result of modern engineering, with high societal value, perceptible and enduringly memorable for approximately 250 representatives from the offshore industry, stakeholder companies, and senior figures from politics and the press, remotely in the German capital.


Idea & implementation

The staging resembled a comprehensive journey, where guests found themselves seemingly under and above the water between the elements and alongside Arcadis Ost 1 through various spatial and sound installations and a stenographic dramaturgy. On the ground floor of „Berlin Kraftwerk“, a feeling of underwater atmosphere was created through targeted lighting, a 360-degree soundscape, and spatial expansiveness. The transition to the upper floor symbolized the “emergence” to the water’s surface and sitting in the middle of the wind farm through light accents, a 12×4 meter LED wall, and projections on the sidewalls, also supported by a 360-degree soundscape. Physically experiential highlights included exhibits such as the implemented bubble curtains to protect the marine environment and models of Thialf and Orion, representing the revolutionary installation vessels and crane structures. A special highlight of the staging was a specially produced 3-minute film that narrated the story of Arcadis Ost 01 as a “bedtime story” told by a fictional father (involved in the construction) to his daughter. (Link) ) As a special gift, guests received an artistically crafted pop-up book that presented the fascinating ory and technical progress behind Arcadis Ost 01 in a creative and artistic manner.



Through the staged implementation of a “Journey,” EAST END created an unparalleled experience that brought the participants the unique character of the offshore wind park in the Baltic Sea far out into the ocean atmospherically to Berlin. It managed to be both emotionally moving and gripping while conveying information about the innovative engineering and the high societal value of the project. The content masterpieces created specifically for the opening (film and pop-up book) allowed participants not only to grasp the content at the moment of the event but also to experience an emotional connection beyond that.

Offshore Windpark
Arcadis Ost 1
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