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As an agency for live communication from Hamburg, we have a lot of experience in the conception, planning and realization of digital, virtual, hybrid and live events. As experts for live marketing, we are the right contact for all questions regarding holistic strategic consulting, innovative and targeted conception – of extraordinary consumer events, showrooms, pop-up stores, festival appearances, trade fairs, product presentations, road shows and much more – as well as the realization at the highest level – from consulting to success control.

With 25 years of experience, we have great expertise and comprehensive know-how in the realization of various event formats for live marketing. Our approximately 35 employees are available to you as consultants and competent contacts at any time.

According to a survey by the business magazine brand eins, EAST END is one of the top 3 agencies for event and live communication and was recently named Germany’s best event agency by FOCUS-MONEY and DEUTSCHLAND TEST.

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As a consulting agency for live communication
we advise you in all your questions

What is your goal with live marketing?
Image enhancement, increasing brand awareness, addressing target groups personally, gaining new customers, increasing sales figures, comprehensive information transfer, generating contracts, product launch, and much more.

Who do you want to reach with the event?
Consumers, journalists or the press, influencers, sales people, customers, employees, etc.

What is the reason for your planned live communication event?
Employee event, PR event, sponsoring activities at a music festival, conference, roadshow, public event, blogger event, pop up store etc.

How should the target group be addressed before, during and after the event?
Newsletter, WhatsApp, raffle, interactive dialog tools, giveaways, personalized reminders, intranet, etc.

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Definition – Live Communication

The idea behind live marketing is simple, yet effective – it can create both a unique and effective brand experience within the context of diverse event formats. New products or brands can be introduced, new target groups can be reached, or the corporate image can be enhanced. Live communication brings with it a wide range of possibilities and opportunities for companies, products or services, and the target group addressed. As a renowned event consulting agency for live communication, we see ourselves as consultants for brand experiences around all concerns and emerging issues and support you in the creative creation and successful implementation of your events.

It is important to play with the available communication tools, to surprise, to stand out, to offer a special or even exclusive experience, to inspire and to tell stories. In this way, live communication measures can create personal encounters and an interactive experience between the target group and the company or brand in a staged space. Above all, addressing emotions should be the focus of the marketing event. After all, every brand experience tells a story in which the product, service or brand becomes the hero and inspires consumers and the media in equal measure and touches them emotionally. This generates content that is relevant to editorial coverage, ensuring that messages are spread beyond the moment and have a lasting impact on sales targets. However, unique live communication not only appeals to relevant media, but rather also to visitors, which means that the event is also shared on all popular social platforms and privately. The visitors of a Brand Experience World therefore serve – in addition to the classic communication tools – as multipliers for the medialization. As an innovative communications agency for live marketing in Hamburg and Dubai, we can look back on successful live communication projects both nationally and internationally and can also advise and support you in this regard for your event.


The advantages of live marketing are obvious:

Since live communication events also function virtually independent of place, time and location – as long as you have the right partner for digital and hybrid events at your side – you can achieve your goals cost-effectively even across large distances. Online live marketing also offers another decisive advantage: participants can be addressed individually and personalized, for example, so that a direct emotional appeal to all participants can be guaranteed.

Live communication events can bring companies, brands and target groups together, encourage direct and personal interaction and lead to unique and lasting memories. Brand experience events can be precisely tailored to the desired target group, thus significantly influencing the success of the event. We develop appropriate live marketing measures and tailor them to your goals and brand DNA. As an experienced live communication agency and consultant for live communication, we are guided by our experience as well as current market trends and thus develop creative concepts and are responsible for target group-oriented and reliable event planning. By focusing the live marketing event directly on the needs and wishes of the target groups, we achieve a high degree of individuality and a high level of contact intensity. This is how we succeed in communicating with an affinity to the target group.

Live communication Events also have a decisive advantage over other communication tools in that they combine great persuasiveness and a high degree of credibility with comprehensive information transfer. Live marketing transports participants into a staged world that stands in strong contrast to everyday reality and thus offers something special that appeals to the emotions. Brands and companies can use the emotions unleashed by brand experiences to build customer loyalty, sharpen their image, encourage communication and ultimately sell products and services with success – provided they choose the right event management agency for live communication as their partner.

It is important that a customer journey is considered and takes place before, during and after the live communication event. Do I reach the target group beforehand? And how can I reach them afterwards? As one of the best agencies for live marketing, we know that these are relevant aspects to ensure the sustainable success of your marketing strategy and to bind the target group to the brand or product in the long term.


The planning of live communication with
the event agency EAST END

As the largest event agency for live communication based in Hamburg, we at EAST END offer you strategic consulting and support from a single source for all questions regarding digital, virtual, hybrid or live events. Because whether digital event incl. streaming platform or live event – we think the holistic live communication not only during the event in the conception, but also before and after, so that the emotions and messages are transported beyond the event. Whether in the form of classic press releases, raffles, WhatsApp newsletters or through influencer marketing with a strong target group – we work in an integrated manner with you, your agencies and our long-term partners. This allows us to think and communicate holistically and with an affinity to the target group.

In the process, questions also come up again and again, such as: What goals do I want to pursue and which event format is suitable for this? What does my target group look like and how can I reach them outside the event as well? Which location is suitable for the implementation of the live marketing event and what else should be considered? To ensure that the brand presence at live communication events is a complete success, a fully comprehensive communication strategy should therefore be developed in advance and all essential aspects should be considered that are relevant both for the event and for further marketing measures. Once the basic questions have been clarified, the creative concept can be developed.

Based on the briefing, we create a targeted concept that individually and creatively pays attention to your brand DNA, your goals and the needs of the target group. As a successful agency for live communication, our conception therefore begins before the actual event date and does not stop afterwards. From the in-house design and conception to the implementation and staging of your brand, we also coordinate event location, event design, event technology, data protection-compliant participant management and everything else according to your requirements. Working closely together, we package your messages into an authentic and unforgettable brand experience. Professional budget management and follow-up including evaluation are a matter of course for us.

Thus, we have already been able to carry out a variety of innovative corporate events, media events, festival sponsorships, anniversary celebrations, kick-off events, etc. for various customers and industries in various cities such as Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hanover, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Leipzig, Kiel, Bremen, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. As an expert for live communication of online & offline events we guarantee a successful realization of your event.

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